It sounds like there will be no handshake controversy when Baker Mayfield and Russell Wilson take the field prior to the Seahawks-Browns matchup. When asked if he would shake Mayfield’s hand, Wilson grinned and confirmed there would be a pregame handshake.

“Yeah, I’ll make sure I’ll handshake and do all that,” Wilson noted in his press conference prior to the Browns game.

The reporter was alluding to the controversy between Mayfield and Wilson’s former Seahawks teammate Richard Sherman. The former Legion of Boom member called out Mayfield after their Monday Night Football matchup claiming the Browns quarterback did not shake hands with the Niners. Mayfield later denied this report and added a bit of self-deprecating humor to try to add levity to the situation.

“That’s the one time the camera and something recording me has gone in my favor,” Mayfield told “…I know exactly what I did. It is what it is. If people want to portray an image of me as who I am as a person, I could care less.”

A video shows Mayfield did shake hands with Sherman, and the 49ers cornerback later issued an apology about the incident. As for Wilson, he has been nothing but complimentary of the Browns’ quarterback heading into the big Week 6 matchup.

Wilson Noted Mayfield Getting Selected With the No. 1 Pick Was “Pretty Cool for the Shorter Guys”

Prior to the 2018 NFL draft, Wilson hosted a series of episodes on ESPN entitled QB2QB where the Seahawks quarterback interviewed several of the top prospects. Mayfield was one of the players Wilson had on the show, and the Seahawks quarterback praised his competitiveness heading into their matchup.

“Yeah, we did QB2QB. It was cool getting to know Baker and just being around him,” Wilson said in his press conference. “His competitive nature and everything else. Just seeing him get drafted No. 1 overall was pretty cool for the shorter guy. I know he is a great competitor. He has always loved winning.”

During the show, Mayfield admitted that he hated losing games more than he enjoys winning. The Browns quarterback has had to put this theory to the test with Cleveland having a slow start to the season.

“I think I hate losing more than I love winning,” Mayfield noted on the show.

Wilson Admitted to Being Shorter Than Mayfield

The two players have both overcome the popular notion that quarterbacks need to be tall to have success in the NFL. Mayfield and Wilson stood next to each other during the predraft show to see who was taller. Wilson admitted that Mayfield has him beat in the height department.

“Who is taller between me and Baker? Oh man, we’ll have to find out this weekend,” Wilson joked. “I think he seemed a little bit taller than me. I think he beat me. I think there’s video evidence of him beating me there. I think there’s definitely that.”

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